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I live in King's Landing!

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I live in King's Landing!

It just came to me. I live in King’s Landing!

I live in the place where the Game of Thrones was filmed. The streets where I grew up are the streets depicted in the popular TV series. Just like once Dubrovnik was the capital of The Dubrovnik Republic, King's Landing is the capital of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms. Amazing scenes you all had the pleasure to see are filmed around the city of Dubrovnik. My beautiful city is guarded by walls, just like the royal capital and it is surrounded by sea, sun and amazing medieval architecture.

I started watching Game of Thrones and at one point realized the city I see is my hometown. What a discovery! Here you’ll find the MinĨeta Tower as the House of the Undying, the city of Quarth filmed mostly on the island of Lokrum, the King’s Landing green gardens in the village Trsteno, and in Dubrovnik the city’s pier, The Red Keep, the Blackwater Bay and many other parts of King’s Landing. You can relive scenes from the show by visiting some of the filming locations.


There are special Game of Thrones walking tours with expert guides who are also big fans of the show, and some of them have even participated in the filming as extras. D.B. Weiss, the writer of Game of Thrones said: "To find a full-on, immaculately preserved, medieval-walled city that looks uncannily like King's Landing, where the bulk of our show is set, that was, in and of itself, just such an amazing find".

And I add, to be living and breathing every day in the city that represents King’s Landing is a great privilege. A city with amazing history got even more attractive to discover because Game of Thrones left their mark here.

So I invite you to visit us and walk the paths of Westeros...

Where you can even have a chance at participating in filming as a stunt, or, who knows; maybe even a Knight! (

Special rates are given for true Thronies during the filming of GoT, feel free to contact us :)

Submarine world in Croatia - Lastovo & Mljet (Part II)

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Submarine world in Croatia - Lastovo & Mljet (Part II)

ISLAND LASTOVO Lastovo is a beautiful small Island located in the south of Croatia (Adriatic Sea). It is among ten Mediterranean Islands that have the most preserved original value of untouched nature and beauty. It´s surrounded by 46 smaller islands and cliffs with untouched nature and numerous bays. Lastovo is known from early 4th century BC written sources under the name of Ladesta or Ladeston. It was given the name “Augusta insula” during Roman times by the emperor... Read more

Submarine world in Croatia - Cavtat Diving & Amphoraes (Part I)

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Submarine world in Croatia - Cavtat Diving & Amphoraes   (Part I)

Cavtat is a small historical town placed 20km South-Eastern from Dubrovnik. With approximately 1500 inhabitants Cavtat is the best known for its plentiful Mediterranean vegetation as well as clean sea and the mix of old and new architecture. Long time ago…this small town was developed on the remnant of the Greek city Epidaurum and around the year 228 B.C. was conquered by the Romans and turned into a Roman colony- Epidaurus. Cavtat has one of the first underwater archaeological parks... Read more

Lapad, Dubrovnik - the best area for a Family holiday & an Active summer holiday

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Lapad, Dubrovnik - the best area for a Family holiday & an Active summer holiday

Are you thinking about spending a great family holiday in Dubrovnik? Or seeking an active summer holiday? Lapad area is the best option for both! Lapad offers a wide range of private accommodation; self catering apartments, holiday homes run by families, beautiful Villas and even at lower budget then you can find in the area of the Old town. Lapad is a greenery lush area, pleasant and peaceful choice for relaxing summer holiday in Dubrovnik, and even an option for a great active holiday... Read more

Dubrovnik Holiday Accommodation; Apartments Villas Holiday Houses, Vacation in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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If you need private, comfortable and affordable Holiday accommodation at Dubrovnik Riviera this area offers a wide range of family run, self catering apartments, villas, holiday houses, cottages or just budget accommodation like hostels with nice hospitality, which will certainly match your taste and budget.   Most of Dubrovnik and its Riviera accommodation units are fully furnished with everything you could need to enjoy your stay. Lots of Dubrovnik apartments and villas are placed... Read more

Dubrovnik in Croatia, Dubrovnik about

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Dubrovnik was one of the centers of the development of the Croatian language and literature, home to many notable poets, playwrights, painters, mathematicians, physicists and other scholars Embodied with its unique history, culture and architecture, Dubrovnik has been called the "Adriatic pearl" for centuries. It´s a world heritage city with an impressive historical background. The city is rich with museums, collections and historical monuments defying to the teeth of time... Read more


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Is nightlife in Croatia great? Yes! We continue about....                                                                                  ZADAR Zadar’s nightlife is located in the historic centre of the town. There are a couple of super-hip nightclubs, but the... Read more


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Is nightlife in Croatia great? Yes! Swimming in the crystal clear sea, having a cocktail in a romantic place under the starry sky, dancing on the beach in hot summer rhythms or enjoying music festivals and concerts… and it is not all! Croatia can offer you much more! Let’s say few things in general for a start: beer is cheap, baristas shake up the latest cocktails, DJs spin the latest sounds, and music ranges from Slavic to soul, rock, electronic, jazz, and world and... Read more

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