Book Apartment Croatia

Why use Book Apartment Croatia

We are professionals, locals who know how, reliable, and at disposal to help whenever you need!

If you are an OWNER  we will give you tips and suggestions on how to better represent your holiday rental to potential guests, because we do not do only publish your advert as many other sites do and we can make your holiday rental works for you!

FREE to list without any extra costs.

EASY to list in few steps.

CREATE Your OWN ADVERT in 6 steps featuring the best points of your accommodation.

ONLINE BOOKING & DEPOSIT PAYMENT – SECURE SYSTEM – no time consuming sending mails & more bookings!

NO CARD FEE CHARGES – all paid by Us!

BE UP TO DATE managing your availability calendar regularly (daily if it is needed) with our free tools, means real time availability and your holiday rental can be booked anytime! Let your rental to be bookable instantly online all the time!

KEEP TRACK of your bookings, Renter's stay, reviews, availability and rates, Logging into MY ACCOUNT whenever you wish!

GET REVIEWS using our free tools - be one of the most popular or improve your offer to be among! And GET MORE BOOKINGS!

NO EXCLUSIVITY- you can advertise your holiday rental wherever you want without restrictions. You need to have only one holiday rental to be on our website, which does not have to be under allotment agreement with Us.

PROMOTE your holiday rental to large number of visitors because we work hard and invest in search engine optimization to make your holiday rental MORE VISIBLE!

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